A Naughty little Superdrug Haul.

The other day i was perusing the aisles of Superdrug and suddenly remembered reading a post by Corrie (AKA Dizzybrunette) about her new love for Superdrug own brand dry shampoo, and that it was currently on offer for buy one get TWO free. Now, this is an opportunity that could not be missed. I eventually found the dry shampoo aisle and located said dry shampoo and i was so happy to see it was still on offer for buy one get two free! One can costs £1.99, so essentially, i got 3 cans of great dry-shampoo for just 199 pennies. I was on the lookout for the one for brunette hair, but i wasn’t in luck, so i nabbed two of the ‘Head in the Clouds’ dry shampoo and one ‘Away With The Fairies‘.  (i can’t find Head in the Clouds online, sorry, but it is the one with the orange lid!)

Whilst i was in Superdrug i thought i would just have a quick look at the MUA stand to see if by chance they finally had the MUA Professional Eye Primer in stock, and just my luck, it was! What with my latest eye shadow love, i needed an eye primer, and for £2.50 this seems like it would be great to try out! Watch out for a review on it!

There was also an offer of when you buy anything MUA, you got a free lipgloss, EVEN better. So i now have the lipgloss in Shade 4, which is a gorgeous mauveypink with gold flecks. I really like the MUA lipglosses, as although they are a tad sticky, they aren’t drying and have amazing pigmentation, as well as only costing £1. I also have Shade 5, a nice baby pink colour. I love the smell of them!

Look how pretty that subtle glitter is! Don’t worry it doesn’t make your lips look like you ate a disco ball!

Along with 10% student discount, i only paid £4.04 for 3 dry shampoos, an MUA eye primer and an MUA lipgloss, these deals saved me £5.43!

Have any of you found any good deals/bargains lately?