University Adventure: Sixth Form Life #1

As part of an entry for my 100 follower giveaway, i asked for suggestions for what you like to see from me in blog posts! A large number of you said you would like to see more lifestyle posts from me, which is pretty handy as i am off to university very soon and i am sure i will learn lots of new things and gain a lot of funny story’s to share! First i thought i would share my adventures from Sixth Form to now, so that when i start my university adventure, you have a slight idea of how i got there!

Okay so i went to an all girls secondary school and when i fnished GCSE’s, me and my parents decided it would benefit me to move to a larger, mixed sex sixth form. So i went from what would have been 40ish in the whole sixthform at my secondary school to practically 200 at the sixthform where i did my A-levels! My GCSE’s were okay but i was predicted higher (4A’s, 5B’s and 1C) and then i decided to do Maths, Psychology, English and History at Sixthform. When i first had my sixthform induction at my new sixthform i had decided on Biology, but then i thought about it during the summer and when i ended up getting an A in gcses Maths and B’s in my sciences, i thought it would be best to do Maths at Sixthform. WORST IDEA EVER. 

So my first year of sixth form (year 12) was going fab until around May when i was revising and i got ill with tonsillitis and glandular fever, this then affected my revision and then my exams. I even fell asleep in my psychology exam, it was horrid! I even got a Doctor’s note, but it appeared even this couldn’t help! Then on results day of Year 12 i ended up getting a B in English, C in History and a C in Cultural Studies (Sort of like general studies, useless subject but handy for the UCAS points!). However i then got a U in psychology and a U in Maths. OOOOOOPSS. The funny thing is when i opened the letter, i saw U and i read it as the U was next to history and i just burst into tears because i thought i had failed history, which i had worked my SOCKS off for! I then sobbed a LOT, and snotted all over my head of year (poor fella, he didn’t know what to do aha). It was then decided that i wouldn’t completely start again, but i should extend my sixthform experience and stay for 3 years instead of the normal 2 years! meaning that i would go through Year 13 twice! I then decided that i would have to drop Maths and Psychology and pick up 2 new subjects! I then picked up Geography and Philosophy & Ethics (again, WHYYYY). I then decided i LOVED Geography and it was what i wanted to do in life.

Its quite handy really, because if i hand’t failed my first year i wouldn’t have discovered Geography and i would instead be doing history at uni, which really does NOT appeal to me anymore, although in my first year it did!

So my second year went okay, i ended up getting C’s in my English and History A2’s (full a-levels) which then meant for my third and final year i was studying Geography, Philosophy & Ethics and Sociology AS (because my sixthform was silly and said you couldn’t study 2 subjects gr). I then ended up getting a B in geography , a D in Philosophy (oops, but tbh i didn’t enjoy the subject and to do well i think you have to enjoy the subject to some degree to do well!) and then a C in Sociology!

Bit of a rambly story but for me, that is as concise as i can make it. I loved my sixthform experience and tbh i wouldn’t change any of it, i made a gazillion amazing and fabulous friends and had some of the most hilarious experiences, as well as making a load of silly teenage mistakes, but i loved it that way! I feel like i am actually ready to go to university now and i feel a lot more mature now, than this time last year!

Bonuses of staying at sixth form an extra year:
– Made more friends
– Got lots of A-levels
– Went to TWO May Ball’s (Year 13 proms)
– Went to more parties
– More results day parties

Next time i shall be talking about applying for Uni and PREPARING FOR UNI YAY!

May Ball Number 1
May Ball Number 2

Do you have any sixth form stories?