University Adventure: Preparing for University #3

So after you have applied for university, got some offers and waited for what feels like is forever, it is results day Don’t worry about them all summer, have a crazy summer and celebrate your freedom from school/sixth form or college! On results day itself, whatever happens, happens, don’t beat yourself up about anything. Although if you are close to grade boundaries i recommend getting one of those emergency re-mark things, or even ringing up your first choice uni itself. A few of my friends were so upset they didn’t get their first choice (as it seemed), but then rang up the first choice uni’s and they were like ‘oh, you’re in!’, silly UCAS.

So you’ve got your grades, you have applied for uni, and you have gotten in! Whether its your firm, your insurance or even through clearing, YAY university time! So after i got my final results i was so happy and i could not WAIT to go university shopping and to enrol online and buy tickets for freshers fortnight etc! I didn’t know where to begin, i wanted to do it all at once!

First up was the online enrolment, the day after results day i got a formal letter in the post both from UCAS and Brighton, with congratulations and details on how to enrol online/upload a uni-card photo etc and ofc how to sort out accommodation! Luckily i managed to get halls at Brighton. Although they weren’t my first choice halls, at least i got some, as not everyone at Brighton manages to get them! Although after looking at it all, the halls i got are probably rather nice as it has the largest rooms and is pretty much the cheapest per week! As well as being self-catered and en-suite! So once, my letter came though i enrolled online as soon as i could and i paid my first instalment for my accommodation, which then allowed me to get my address and my flat and room number in my halls. I was excited to get these details as i remembered the year before when my friends got these details, on Facebook there were groups set up so you could find people on your course and people in the same halls and who your roomates in your flat were! Although i haven’t found anyone in my flat and i move in on Monday, ahah. Forever alone.

Once i did all this, it was time to shopshopshop! But first i recommend making a list, otherwise you’re going to buy a gazillion things that you just do not need! My mother and I headed down to Tesco’s and nabbed the cheapest but also sort of sturdy sauce pans we could find, cutlery, glasses etc as my friends had told me to buy the cheapest as by the end of the year most things will have gone walkies! ( I don’t understand how, but i guess i am going to find out!) . My mum and I also stocked up on deodorant, make-up wipes, shampoo etc that were on special offer as well. We also got cleaning products, a duvet cover and the thing that has been recommended most to me, a mattress protector. Apparently some mattresses in halls can be a little scabby, so a lot of people recommended one of these, and they can be fairly inexpensive but good quality!

My mother also decided that i should learn to cook decent meals. So once a week she taught me a meal to make and took my cooking ability in little baby steps from there…. ahhaha! I still think i will be living off of cereal and jelly!

So after all this, and also buying an NUS card and all that, i think i am pretty prepared! Look out for my next post in this adventure, where hopefully i will talk about moving in/ leaving home!!

I know i haven’t covered everything, as i do not know yet, but that is the whole fun of this series!

If there is anything about these experiences so far you would like to ask about, please drop me an e-mail or leave a comment!

How did you prepare yourself for Uni, got any tips?