University Adventure: Moving in/ Leaving home #4

Happy Saturday Morning to you, i was hoping for a lie-in this morning, but now that i am living opposite some football pitches, this doesn’t seem like it will be happening. Today i have another lifestyle/uni post! I moved into my halls on Monday, so i have been here 6 days, and it is so much fun here! Enjoyyyyyy!

So, you have spent a few weeks preparing yourself and just wanting the weeks to hurry up so you can move to university and escape your parents (or maybe not) but i know i was! After pratically wishing away 2 weeks so the date would finally come that i would be moving to Brighton, the day was here. I was finally moving to university, to live by myself, with no parents, to cook for myself, and look after myself. With NO parents.! It may be a bit daunting for some people, or even terrifying, but its fine. My top tip i have from people about the first term is, even if you don’t think you like it, stick it out till christmas. 

Now, i have just moved into my halls for my first year and been here since Monday and so far i love it. I think it helped that i wasn’t particularly nervous about moving and i wasn’t moving to the opposite end of the country. Brighton is about 1hour 30 mins from where i love, in my opinion the perfect distance. I didn’t want to be living a 15 minute drive away, but i also didn’t want to be living in Scotland, a flight away! So i am glad i chose somewhere in the happy middle, close enough to home so that if an emergency occurred i could go home, and far enough away that my parents can’t just pop by everyday to see how i am doing! Although i think distance depends on the individual, some of my friends wanted to go to the opposite end of the country, whereas some wanted to live at home and commute etc!

So, on the day i just wanted to get there (although saying byebye to my bf was heartbreaking), we packed up the car and headed off, once we got to my halls, we got the key, unloaded and then had to check i had all the things i was supposed to have in my room; bins etc. After this, me, my mum and my dad popped into town and had a lovely lunch out and then went to Tesco’s to get some bits, we said byebye and i was all aloney.

My room is fairly cool, a decent size with an ok en-suite. The shower water gets everywhere, but the power is amazing, better than my shower at home! My kitchen is HUMONGOUS, with a million chairs and 2 tables, lots of flat partys will be happening there! I am quite lucky that i have lovely people in my flat, with 4 girls and 2 boys.I haven’t been out tonnes, mainly because Freshers didn’t start till yesterday/today, so in the meantime we’ve just been exploring, shopping, working out the buses, chatting lots and painting our nails lots.

As for being homesick, i can’t say i’ve felt terribly homesick. I miss my boyfriend tonnes and also my dog, but i don’t really miss my family as of yet, maybe the noise a bit, sorry 😛

I also can’t say i am eating amazingly, the other night i had spaghetti hoops for dinner. I plan on cooking properly next week though, right now i am just trying to get my bearings, although i am craving vegetables like a mother.

Welcome week starts on Monday, with lectures properly starting the week after, I’m actually pretty excited to start my course, although i have managed to leave some documents at home that i need to enrol on Monday. ooops, so i recommend making sure you have all of that when you go to uni; your confirmation letter from UCAS etc!

Ok so now onto the tips i recommend:

  • Get a doorstop, or as we have done, make one out of a carboard box.
  • Don’t stay in your bedroom tonnes, make an effort to go out to your kitchen or whatever and just chat!
  • Venture into the flats below for a natter too!
  • Bring Vitamin C, or vitamin tablets with you. I brought those ones that dissolve into water and so i get some vitamin c and it makes me drink some water too!
  • Make sure you bring a photocopy of exam certificates, confirmation letter from ucas, and confirmation of student finance (it all depends, but yeah)

If you’ve moved to uni recently, i hope you’re loving it as much as me 🙂