University Adventure: Applying for University #2

So after people seemed to enjoy my last lifestyle-ish post, I have decided to do a little series about sixthform/education/university etc and if you have any questions please leave a comment or e-mail me!

So after i had received my second year of sixthform results i had 2 A-Levels in History and English and 1 As in Cultural Studies. This put me in a good place for applying for university in the September as i already had 2 A-Levels in my bag! When applying for university i applied to Brighton, Portsmouth, Hull, Staffordshire and Northampton, although i only put Northampton and Staffordshire down as back-ups in case i didn’t get offers from Brighton, Hull and Portsmouth. However, luckily i got offers from them all, and with 4/5 of them with offers lower than what they had suggested in their prospectus, which made me very happy and not so stressed!

I definitely recommend looking around 3+ university’s, even if you decide you hate some places, at least you can compare courses/town etc and go from there in making your final decisions! I visited Portsmouth first and thought i LOVED it, i then went to visit Northampton which just wasn’t for me and made me definitely want to go to Portsmouth. But then i visited Brighton and it made me think ‘what was i thinking when i wanted to go to Portsmouth’ ahah (nothing wrong with Portsmouth, just after visiting Brighton i could see myself there and felt like i could live there) and i decided Brighton was most definitely for me. I then made Brighton my Firm choice on UCAS and Portsmouth my Insurance. To get into either of these places i needed a B in Geography for Brighton and a C in Geography for Portsmouth! However to achieve both these final grades, in my summer exam i had to achieve a D to get a B overall and  an E/U to get a C overall. So basically, i had all bases covered! (something i recommend)

When looking into what university to go to i definitely recommend looking at the guardian league tables, they normally publish handy guided in the papers around September/October. I also recommend comparing things not so academic, such as overall student satisfaction and criteria such as that, as lets face it, its not all about just getting a degree, its about the university experience as a whole! I’d much rather go to a good university where students are happy, than a slightly better university where everyone is grumpy and hates it etc! Fees are expensive, i at least want to look back and be like ‘those were the best years of my education!’. 

I also recommend talking to people who to go the university’s you are looking at, Facebook can be very handy for this, even if you don’t really know the person, just ask them, they won’t mind! 

Also, personal statements! Reading yours back you might be thinking ‘omg i sound like the most arrogant person ever’, but you have just got to sell yourself, even if reading it back is so so cringey. Reading mine back i sounded like the most big-headed person ever, but it got me into all 5 of my uni choices, so that’s just what you gotta do. 

Hope this helps, if you have any questions, ask in the comments or e-mail/tweet me!