Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 places I would Love To Go To #7

Todays top 5 Tuesday i thought i would list the top 5 places in the world i would love to visit! It is pretty hard to choose 5 as i would love to travel the whole world!

1) Norway- Imagine seeing the Northern lights, this has always been a dream of mine! To visit the Northern lights, go husky sledging, stay in an ice hotel and go orca spotting!

2) Prague-Prague is a beautiful place and the buildings and the history looks amazing.

3) Thailand- Thailand, again looks beautiful and so interesting, i’ve always heard people who’ve gone there say how amazing it is.

4) South America- i am not sure where in particular, maybe Brazil and Peru. South America looks so fascinating and would be amazing to travel around.

5) Russia- I have always wanted to visit Russia, it looks fascinating and i’d love to experience their culture

Where would you like to travel to?