Ten Things I would Repurchase Tag

I was Tagged by L and M of CSI Beauty Blog to do this tag, a tag consisting of products that you would repurchase over and over because you love them soso much! This might not be a terribly exciting post, as i recently featured a lot of these products in an everyday make-up post. These are what i consider Holy Grail products!

1) Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 2 Light – £4.19
This is raved about everywhere in the bloggy world and i have repurchased this about 5 times, in a selection of either shade 1 or 2, depending on the time of year or how much fake tan i am using! I love just using this on lazy days, buffing into my massive pores and shiny areas to provide some coverage. As with the Collection products, the writing on the tube has rubbed off, so it doesn’t look great, but is still amazing!

2) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in the shade 001 Transparent – £3.99
I have repurchased this powder over 5 times, and it is always in my bag wherever i go! i just swirl my brush in the powder and pat onto my face after my foundation. Or i take a sponge and pat some powder on my shiny bits on nights out. It never lets me down and does just what it says!

3) Olay Beauty Fluid – £4.69
I was introduced to this by my mother at around the age of 13 as she uses it, and i have been using this ever since. Definitely one of my top Holy Grail products! I love how it provides the perfect base, and always keeps my face feeling smooth and nourished. I have fairly oily skin, and find that this does not create any extra oilyness!

4) Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (in the 200ml squeezy tube) – £24
This is another product that i was introduced to by my mother. I started using this around the age i started using my Olay moisturiser, and i use this night an day. I will always repurchase this!

5) St Moriz Fake Tan Lotion – £3-5
After using this, there’s no other fake tan that can sway me. It leaves you with a golden, natural tan with a gorgeous glow, it wears well, doesn’t fade patchily, is easy to apply and doesn’t break the bank!

6) L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara – £10.99
Even though i haven’t repurchased this for a little while, that is only because i have received 3 mascara’s free with magazines and one free with WIMH, however, i will definitely repurchase this once i have used up the freebies! I love the formula of the L’Oreal mascara, and it separates my lashes whilst lengthening and volumising them, it is also very easy to build up to create the false lash effect i love!
(sorry i don’t have a photo of this, as the last one i had i actually lost, oop)

7) Stila ‘In the Light’ Palette – £25
I bought this off of BuyaPowa (review of buyapowa here) and i would definitely repurchase the colours Kitten, Bliss, Champagne, Gilded Gold and Luster, basically, the whole thing!

8) VO5 Heat Defence Volume Whipped Mousse – £3.89
I recently did a review on this, but oh my, i LOVE this product. I haven’t repurchased this yet, but i definitely will!

9) Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover – £4.99
I haven’t repurchased this as of yet, however when my current tub dries out, i will definitely be getting this again, it makes life so much easier and whilst it may not love up to the 1second claim, after 5 seconds your nails are nail-polish free, which is perfect enough for me! It even has a good go at removing some pesky glitter nail polishes!

10) Collection Extreme 24hour Felt Tip Liner – £2.99
I have already repurchased this over 3 times, and i think it is the easiest, blackest and longest lasting liquid liner. I have tried lots, and i always end up coming back to this! As with Collection products, the writing on the tube often wears off quick, but i have no issues with this!

 So these are the 10 products i would/do/have repurchase! There aren’t any lipsticks/blushes, as these always change, and i have so many! 

I tag ALL of you!

Do any of you love any of these products?