L’Occitane Samples: Review

I have never tried L’Occitane before, but recently i went to a relaunch of a club in Reading and on the way out they gave out bags with lots of little samples and fliers etc, including 10% off instore at Hotel Chocolat and £4 off a nail set at a local nail and beauty place. The night itself was alright, drinks were ridiculous. £7.55 for a double vodka and coke!! Never going back there on a Friday when on Monday’s a double vodka and coke is £3. Anyway enough about that. 

In the bag were some  generous L’Occitane goodies. I got 1x8ml ‘Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream‘, 2x6ml ‘apres-shampoo soothing conditioners‘, 3x1ml sachets of ‘Precious Eye Balm‘ and 1x8ml sachet of ‘Rose 4 Reines Rose Body Milk‘. I was pretty impressed with this and i couldn’t wait to get home to try these out!

First up i tried out the eye cream, as i have never tried an eye cream before i was quite excited about this, The website says ‘ The Precious Eye Balm offers a velvety, soft formula to smooth, firm and visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness. The combination of organic immortelle, ivy and ruscus extracts offers: 
– Smoother eye contour: Immortelle stimulates collagen production, which helps fill in deep wrinkles and restructure the epidermis for smoother skin.
– Firmer eye contour: The support network of the skin is reinforced.
– Anti dark circles and anti-puffiness action: Dark circles and puffiness are less visible. Eye area looks younger
The wrinkles of the eye contour area are smoothed, skin is firmer. Dark circles, puffiness and signs of tiredness are relieved. The eyes retain their youthful look. Tolerance dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested. ‘

The eye cream felt very luxurious and although i am not an eye-cream user, i can see those that do, loving this. The sachet contained enough for about 4 nights, so these 3 sachets lasted me nearly two weeks, very impressive. The scent was also very relaxing and calming. The full size is a 15ml pot and retails for £29. I essentially received a total of 3ml which would be worth £5.80.

The packaging of the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream really drew me to the product and i couldn’t wait to try it out. The website says ‘Daily moisture solution for dry skin, in a non-breakable squeeze bottle ideal for shower and travel. Introduces your body to a trove of nature’s treasures, including 15% Shea Butter (derived directly from the African Shea tree), natural honey, and apricot oil. Nourishes, moisturises and protects: keys to maintaining the look of health. Lifts the senses with subtle essences of jasmine and ylang-ylang’ . When i decanted this large sample into a pot, i was pleasantly surprised by how much there was. It felt very thick and luxurious to use, and the scent was relaxing, and very fresh, it reminded me of clean bedsheets aha! My skin was so soft and firm after using this and i really enjoyed using this. I really felt like i was pampering myself when using this and the scent was the perfect scent for me. I found this best to apply before bed, and when i woke up the next morning i had the most gorgeous smooth skin, and the scent was still there!The full size of this is a 250ml bottle which retails for £18.50, my sample was 8ml, so was worth £0.59. 

After trying the body cream i was eager to try out the body milk. The website says ‘This body milk seduces with its delicate softness and perfumes the skin with the fresh and velvety fragrance of the Grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan and Turkish roses. Enriched with grape seed oil, this lightly-textured body milk leaves skin supple and soft.’As soon as i opened the sachet i was greeted by a gorgeous rose scent that wasn’t overpowering or understated but just perfect. My mother said she could smell me coming! It was easy to apply, feeling silky and luxurious and it sank in fast leaving my skin feeling nourished and smooth. I also found the sachet contained enough to coat my arms and legs generously. The full size of this was also a 250ml bottle retailing for £18.50. The sample of this was again 8ml, so was worth £0.59. 

I received 2 6ml sachets of the soothing conditioner, and i decided to try this when i had a luxurious hair wash session the other day. The website says ‘Formulated with a natural origin vegetable complex of 5 essential oils (chamomile, mandarin, cedar, basil, and lemongrass) and sweet almond oil, this conditioner helps soothe sensitive or irritated scalp. It immediately eases irritations and aggressions and helps to protect the scalp against the damaging effects of environmental stresses. Hair is detangled, soft and shiny.‘ From this description i couldn’t wait to try this out, 5 essential oils, soothes sensitive/irritated scalps and de-tangles hair, this is right up my alley! I enjoyed using these and the smell was lovely my hair felt very pampered and cared for and i had a lovely experience using these. The 250ml bottle of this retails for £14 and the 500ml bottle is also currently retailing for £14 (Full price £28, a great price!). The sample i received, based on the 250ml size, is worth £0.67 for the sachets combined!

TIP: With all of these samples, i squeezed the sachets into old sample pots or into old little pots i kept, makes using the sample easier and minimises waste!

Overall i had a very pleasant time trying out these L’Occitane products, and i think they are reasonably priced for the quality and the gorgeous packaging. I think this brand is something my mum would love and would be perfect for presents or a relaxing pampering day.  I really enjoyed using these and treating myself with some luxurious products!

Have any of you tried any L’Occitane products, i know the hand cream is supposed to be great!