Kate Moss for Rimmel!

Recently i got an e-mail from Rimmel (as i signed up to their newsletter or something) and it said that Kate Moss was releasing more lipsticks to her collection at Rimmel, and that you could try them ahead of the shops by a month on the Facebook App. For £5.49, i was like OOH i must try this! What also swayed me was the free shipping AND the fact a free polish was included, in the shade Rose Libertine. Can’t really go wrong at all with that eh, £5.49 for a polish and fabulous new lipstick ahead of the release in shops! The app on the Facebook page describes the lipstick ‘Kate Moss brings colour to a new unique dimension.The gorgeous, rich colour of Kate’s lipstick – now in a velvety MATTE finish.The ruby powder enriched formula intensifies colour while keeping a matte finish all day long! Matte is re-invented for the most velvety, comfortable colour EVER!’ . I chose the shade 101 and this collection is focusing on matte! Yay my favourite, i can’t wait to try them all out.
I received my order 4 days after purchasing it and i loved the pink foil packaging it arrived in, with a cute Rimmel Sticker! Inside was my lipstick in gorgeous matte red casing, my lovely free nail polish in 505 Rose Libertine AND a 1.5ml sample of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 200 Soft Beige (i already own the foundation and love it, this sample is too dark for me but my sister will love it!)

I already own two Kate Moss lipsticks in 12 and 05 and i loved the formula! However with the new releases i think they have definitely stepped up a notch and the lipstick feels very luxurious and expensive. I was thoroughly impressed with the lipstick and its pigmentation and quality! As with any matte lipstick i recommend moisturising your lips beforehand! But i found this lipstick to be not at all drying and to last a long time on the lips. I totally adore the colour i bought in the shade 101 and it is the perfect shade to wear all year round !

I love the Rimmel 60second nail polishes as the brush is the perfect size and they typically only need 2 coats to achieve full opaqueness. This polish is no exception to that and the colour is actually lovely. I didn’t expect much as it was a freebie, but the colour is a lovely peachy/coraly/pinky/rosey/nude which again, would look lovely all year round, but specially springtime i think. This retails at £3.69 and it was a lovely added item!

Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish in 405 Rose Libertine

I was really impressed with the Rimmel Shop App on Facebook and i definitely recommend it. The delivery was super fast, free and i got e-mails to notify me about delivery too. 

Have any of you tried any of the new Kate Moss lipstick’s for Rimmel? Have you tried any of the Kate Moss Lipsticks?

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