Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel: Review

In my September’s Shesaid beauty box, i received a 10g sample of the Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel. I was very excited to try this out as i haven’t tried anything from this brand before. I like the simple packaging and this is how the card which came with the box, described it ‘gentle yet effective exfoliating action zeros-out blackheads thoroughly and painlessly and helps remove deep layers of dead skin’. 

The aim of Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel is to eliminate blackheads by gently rubbing them away, it also claims to:

  • Rub away deep layers of dead skin cells.
  • Contract pores for refined skin (As dead skin cells have been cleared from the pores).
  • Lighten black spots, freckles & scars.
  • Remove oil seeds.
  • Regulate sebum secretion to prevent pimples.
  • Brighten dull complexion.
  • Change dark, rough skin to smooth skin.
  • Whiten skin as it gives way to new born skin.
  • Enhance quick absorption of skin care products.

However when i went to squeeze the tube, i was greeted with air. I squeezed down the top half of the tube and nothing came out. Not cool Shesaid Beauty, not cool. After this start i wasn’t in the most optimistic of moods. After i had managed to get some product out i was greeted by a a scent which i can only guess is the scent of green tea, something i can’t stand, but something i was willing to overlook.

The product itself was lovely to apply and was of a smooth, light gel consistency that exfoliated the skin gently but well, leaving my face feeling ridiculously soft! You could even see the gel working into the skin and the removal of dead skin cells which was pretty strange yet amazing. After this i applied moisturiser and my skin drank it up, leaving my face feeling plumped, soft and refreshed. My skin was glowing, radiant and so fresh looking and I really liked the gel consistency of this product and it wasn’t harsh on my skin at all.

On the back of the tube it recommends to use this daily on dry face with dry fingers, dotting on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and then massaging it for a minute and rinsing off with warm water. However i don’t think i would like to use an exfoliator everyday, but for a few times a week this would be amazing

Overall this is a very lovely product, just a shame about the majority of air in the sample meaning i could only get 3 uses out of this. However, with the full size of this retailing for £22 for 60ml, i might have to give it a miss for now, although if i ever did have enough money to spend this amount on an exfoliator i definitely would! I give this 5 Sophiehearts.

Have any of you tried this? How did you find it?