Disco Pant Dupes!

Happy Sunday, idk about you, but i love being lazy on Sundays and what a perfect time to do some online shopping!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for a while, you will know what disco pants are, as they hitting the blogisphere hard! Ever since i saw them i thought I MUST have them, i then saw the price tag and took a step back. I then made it my mission to find a great pair of dupes, as lets face it, its 2012 and the internet is a wonderful place! So  many of you might be thinking that this probably isn’t a terribly great post coming from me, as i do not own any of these pairs or the actual American Apparel Disco pants. Recently, whilst in Camden, i tried on the AA ones, and it took me a good 15 minutes to get in and out of them but nonetheless i liked the effect they gave, but not enough to blow £70+! This motivated me EVEN more to find the perfect dupe. The real disco pants appeal to me most because of the thick material and their sucky-inny ability. (If you are going to get the AA ones, a little trick sign up to the newsletter or whatever it is on the site and they send you an e-mail with a 15% off code, which for those bad boys can bring down the cost a far bit!) Now onto the dupes i have located so far!

First up are the Glamorous UK Disco Pants, these look fab, however i have read reviews saying this are not a blackblack, more of a charcoal! For £29.99 these won’t break the bank! Also when i signed up to GlamorousUK i received a 12% off code which was valid for 48 hours! (also available in Royal Blue, Pewter, and Gold)

Glamorous UK Disco Pants

Third, i found the owntherunway.com Black Shiny Disco Pants for £29.99

Owntherunway Black Shiny Disco Pants

The fourth pair of AA Disco Pants Dupes were the Disco Treggings from Topshop for the best price of £28. I have read a few reviews about these and most claim for these to be funky fitting Disco Treggings. Most reviews of this pair say that these are thinner and not so hight-waisted! Many reviews also say don’t order your size, maybe get a size or 2 below, these seem like something you would would want to try on in store in a range of sizes from what i have read!

Topshop Disco Tregging

Lastly from my Disco Pant Dupe hunting, i came across the Black High Shine Tube Pants from River Island! For £30 i think this is reasonable and the sizes come with a short, regular or long option which is lovely to see!

Black High Shine Tube Pants from River Island

So as you can see, a fair few shops have jumped on the Disco Pant Bandwagon, hopefully this helps you find your perfect dupe! Let me know if you have any Disco Pant Dupes! I really want to try out a pair of Disco Pant Dupes and i think i might try the Topshop Disco Treggings first!]

Do you own the original AA Disco Pants? have you compared them to any dupes? Do any of you own any good dupes?