Dirty Works Youth Sexy Thing and Maybelline MNY My Gloss Lipgloss Review!

I know this will sound strange, as i am reviewing Halfpriceperfumes.co.uk products, but none of the products i ordered were in fact perfumes, sorry! Also, sorry about the photos, trying to find a good place to take good photos in my new uni room is hard, looks like they will now all be taken on my windowsill!

Recently i was reading something on Facebook, and i saw that on the halfpriceperfumes.co.uk website you could get a free 50ml Dirty Works ‘Youth Sexy Thing Day Cream’ for free with the discount code: Freeyouth, this had an RRP of £4.99. I was also looking around the site and noticed there was a a Maybelline lipgloss going for 1p. That’s right 1p. Somehow the vouchercode for the cream took off £5.49 (even though the product was £4.99) so i ended up paying £2 for postage and i got two new items to try out!

It took about 5 days for my order to arrive. I didn’t get to choose the Maybelline lipgloss and for 1p i wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but i actually adore it. Lately i have been having a mega lipgloss craze, something i thought i would never say, but nonetheless i am a new found lipgloss adicct! I think i have discovered lipgloss a tad too late, but oh well. The shade i got was number 289, which is a gorgeous hot pink/ raspberry shade, that is not too sticky and smells like fizzy sherbet. Yummy. It definitely smells like the cocktail purple rain! The pigmentation and quality was a lot more than i had expected, after all, it was on sale down from £4.99 to 1p! I find wear time is pretty good, it isn’t drying, in fact it is quite nourishing and it tastes as yummy as it smells. Although, of course i don’t recommend eating this! It does have specks of blue glitter, but this isn’t terribly noticeable on the lips, it just makes your teeth look nice and white!

Now, onto the Dirty Works 50ml ‘Youth Sexy Thing Day Cream’.  This daycream is an anti-ageing day cream loaded with skin-loving nutrients to help smooth and firm the skin. Boosted with protective UV filters and light protectors. Ooh this sounds perfect for a glowy base!This claims to be a ‘rejuvenating day cream to help combat the signs of skin ageing. Contains Pea extract, known to boost skin firmness and elasticity and Passion Flower Oil, for its super moisturising benefits. With regular use, your skin looks younger, and feels smoother and firmer.’ The directions: Every morning apply this wonder cream to clean face, neck and decollete. It’s really packed with essential nutrients to help brighten up your day’.

After reading these claims i was excited to try this. I know at 19 my skin is not showing signs of ageing, but the other properties interested me, and who doesn’t want firm, smooth, radiant skin!

I have been using this as a base under my make-up for the past few weeks, and i have found the squeezy tube easy to use and a little goes a long way! At first the cream feels very thick, but after rubbing in slowly, skin feels refreshed and ready for make-up, and definitely not a greasy feeling cream. I have fairly oily/combination skin and found this did not create any problems for me

Dirty Works can be found in Sainsburies and This cream is currently on sale in sainsburies, down from £6.99 to £3.49! To me, dirty works seems very inspired by soap and glory but at a fraction of the price. However this doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the products, with the scrub being a favourite of mine!

Have any of you tried any of these products or anything by Dirty Works?