A Little L’Oreal Haul!

Recently i finished my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, which i adored, but i didn’t think was the one. I decided to widen my horizons and check out some other fabulous foundations on the market (the Superdrug/boots market!). I had read great reviews about the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation and i thought i would give it a whirl! When i went into Boots to look for it, i noticed there was a fab offer on, offering a free gift worth £24 if you spent over £15 on L’Oreal. Seeing as the foundation itself is £10.99, this was too good an opportunity to miss. So i just grabbed the cheapest item, a lovely Color Riche nail polish in the shade 611 Sky Fits Heaven for £4.99. What i would describe as a true sky blue! This brought my total up to £15.98, which meant i could get the free gift!

Now onto the foundation itself! I love natural looking finishes that can be built up to achieve a fairly full coverage and i feel this fits the bill perfectly. When i first used this i noticed it had quite a thin but silky consistency and appeared so much lighter on my skin than the Rimmel foundation. My boyfriend also commented he could notice the difference between the two foundations and that this made my skin look more natural. I also noticed my skin looking more radiant and not as heavy (if that makes sense) as it had done with the Rimmel foundation. The packaging is gorgeous, i love glass bottles as they look expensive and sturdy, and the rose gold pump is amazing! I am a little disappointed with the colour range only featuring 6 shades,and i am the lightest shade in this range, in the shade C1 Rose Pearl, and this suits my skin perfectly. Although i don’t think i am that pale, although i was also the palest shade in the Rimmel Wake Me Up line as well. 

 Now onto the fabulous freebies. I wasn’t expecting anything exciting to be in the box, as normally i find these boxes feature ‘dud’ products. However, i was pleasantly surprised! Inside were two Color Riche nail polishes in 211 Opulent Pink and 617 You Are Worth It (aw the L’Oreal slogan!), a Glam Shine Lipgloss in 407 Magnetic Nude Glow, a Super Liner Luminizer Eyeliner for Brown Eyes, nail art stickers and samples of the nude maqique and the true match foundation.

I was very impressed with this selection, although i am not sure if there were free gifts for set coloured, eyes, i picked up the last one and my eyeliner was for brown eyes. However i think this liner is more flattering than the one supposedly for blue eyes. The liner for blue eyes was a navy colour, whereas the brown eyes liner is a dark blackybrown with goldy flecks, which i feel will actually emphasis my eyes more than a navy one would! This eyeliner wouldn’t be something i would originally pick out, but now i have it i can’t wait to use this, and this will look gorgeous in the upcoming winter months!

Now onto the lipgloss. In the photo, what’s in the tube looks pretty uninspiring, but upon closer inspection it is a gorgeous, almost rose gold, nudey, peachey pinky colour, which in the little booklet that comes with the Nail It set, says to wear over BB cream on your lips for a ‘nude look’ or over a pink coloured lipstick for a ‘bold look’. The idea of putting BB cream on my lips just reminds me of secondary school around year 9/10 when it was cool to put foundation on your lips, thus making you look like a washed out ghost, or as if you had no lips! So i don’t think i will be trying the ‘nude look’, but over a peachy pink lip i can imagine this could look lovely!

Lastly, the nail polishes in the box were lovely, i expected ‘dud’, sort of left over colours, but instead got a gorgeous pigmented HOT Pink/red, a perfect toe colour aha, and a lovely cool blue/grey, perfect for these upcoming months. The little nail strips are a lovely touch, and the little booklet also says ‘paint your nails in opulent pink. Once completely dry, choose the nail sticker size that best fits each nail. Make sure to peel off the removable strips. Stick on nail and use Worth It to paint in the gap, leave for 3-4 minutes and peel off. Quick and precise thanks to our precision paddle brush’, i can’t wait to try this fun idea out and will hopefully feature on a Nail of the week Wednesday if successful!

211 Opulent Pink & 617 You Are Worth It

Receiving this free box has really introduced me to some lovely L’Oreal products and i think it was a great idea, and make sure you get your hands on one if you are purchasing any L’Oreal products as they are SO worth it! (see what i did there (; )!

Have any of you tried any of these products? What do you think of L’Oreal?