Whats In My Handbag, YSL Mascara!

Funnily enough, on Tuesday 14th, i wrote a post about my Top 5 Mascaras and i said that i really wanted to try the YSL Shocking Mascara, and guess what turned up in the post from whatsinmyhandbag.com? My Sample (that i completely forgot about) of the YSL mascara. 

I recently found an exclusive website called http://www.whatsinmyhandbag.com/, a fabulous website where you can see what industry insiders, and other people keep in their handbags around the world! It allows you to read a description of the products in peoples bags and how they like to use it etc. Once you have created an account, you can browse other peoples bags, upload your own and and tag products you own or want as a reminder to try out later. A feature of the website is the ‘try’ section which allows you to trial selected products from featured handbags for free! Each week a different ‘try’ is available. Users also create a profile about skin types and preferences. Whats in my handbag have a limited amount of samples and choose people based on their submitted profiles. You can enter the ‘try’ of the week, which is open for a full week, and after it has closed, you will be notified within 7 days whether you will be recieveing the product. 

I was browsing the site, signed up and saw the YSL Mascara was up for the next ‘try’, si i signed up and then on the 13th August i received an e-mail from Whatsinmyhandbag saying Congratulations and that my YSL mascara had been dispatched! It was a fabulous surprise and the email said that it would arrive between 2-5 days and it arrived ON that day, the 13th August. So for me, the website was already a winner! The sample came in a lovely sleek black box, i would show it, but it has my address on; below are some pictures of the inside and contents.

L-R: The Tube of mascara and wand, inside the box, the contents of the box.

As i opened the box i was greeted by a lovely inside with a cute sticky label with my name on it and the websites name/logo, something i thought was a lovely sophisticated and personal touch! Once i had ripped open the tissue paper (which sadly, i did do), i found a card, which inside said ‘For a false lash effect with builadble volume, discover the beauty of glamorous lashes with our bestselling Luxurious Mascara. The secret of this Mascara? A brush that has been specially designed to amplify the performance of its formula, Your eyes look intense and glamorous. With one even sweep of the want and its unique formula, this mascara adds intense volume and definition to the appearance of lashes. Available in a wardrobe of couture colours’. After this there is a list of ingredients and then a quote from Lucy Russell a Junior Buyer at Topshop, also a cute touch! Underneath this card was the lovely sample box and product!

The Tube of mascara and the wand & my eye with no mascara (please excuse my chipped gross nails!)

The Mascara i recieved was the YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking , known in the UK as the Luxurious Mascara Shocking Volume. The full size contains 7.5ml and retails at around £23, my sample is 2ml which retails at £6.13 (If my maths is correct) and is in the shade 1 Deep Black, this is fabulous, seeing as i received it for free!

Top-Bottom: One coat of mascara & a few coats of mascara.

As you can see from the photos, this mascara added a considerable difference after just one even sweep, as it claimed. However when built up it provided the most gorgeous look. My lashes are separated, lengthened and volumised and i have to say it, but the differences are indeed shocking ! I found that it really lifted and opened my eyes, making them look a little bigger and brighter.The mascara did not dry crispy and did not flake off throughout the day either! I loved the brush, the formula and the finish and i think £23 is a very reasonable price and this is definitely on my list to buy. After trying out the Lancome Hypnose Star, i find this YSL mascara comes out on top!

My only problem with this mascara is the floral scent, this isn’t a major problem for me, but for those with sensitive eyes i am not sure whether this could irritate them and in a mascara i feel a scent is unnecessary. 

Overall my experience with whatsinmyhandbag has been incredible. My sample came the day the e-mail was sent out to me saying it would be 2-5 days and it was packaged beautifully and personally and it was free. I can’t recommend this service enough. After receiving the item, if you log onto the site you can leave feedback about the product which helps others looking into the product. If you don’t receive the sample you are offered a discount on the product and other incentives, so all in all everyone’s a winner! I love this service and have signed up to try next weeks item, a Bond No.9 Perfume Sample. I’ve never heard of this, so thought trying it would be fab, another great reason why this site is amazing, it introduces you to products you may not have originally purchased or found.

I give the site and this product 5 SophieHearts!

I hope this review was useful, have any of you tried this mascara or whatsinmyhandbag.com?