Whats In My Handbag, Bond No.9 Central Park West

So, i am back again, with another Whats In My Handbag post! This time i was lucky enough to receive another free sample, this time it was a 1.7ml perfume sample of Bond No.9, Central Park West. After receiving a sample of YSL Shocking Mascara from Whats In My Handbag last time, i was very excited to try out another product! The website describes the scent as ‘A springtime wakeup call: Narcissus mingled with tangy ylang ylang and a pinch of piquant pepper. A beckoning white-petal mélange— orris, jasmine, and linden—and majestic gardenia‘. It sounds lovely eh! An 100ml Bottle retails at a WHOPPING $250! This perfume screams sophistication and all things elegant!

The sample came packaged in a cute lilacypink foil wrapper, and resembled a little tube of sweets (Reminded me of Parma Violets!), which i thought was very cute and dainty.

After opening the little wrapper, inside was the sample and i couldn’t wait to get a whiff of it! The perfume is gorgeous, although for me, i think it is a little too sophisticated and floral. I’m still into young, fresh and sweet scents, although i do love the occasional floral scent, i feel this is a bit much for me! It definitely smells very adult! I think my mum would love this, so i am going to give this to her to enjoy! Also just a warning of you try this, less is definitely more with this perfume, you barely need anything to get a lovely scent! So if you are anything like me and spritz both wrists etc, be a little less heavy handed! However, this definitely smells like a high quality perfume, as the scent smells very realistic and not very synthetic etc, it smells like you have just picked some flowers! I might have enjoyed this a little more if this was an EDT, as it wouldn’t be so overpowering!

I do realise this has been a bit of a mixed review but all in all this wasn’t the perfume for me right now, maybe in another 5+ years! However, it may be the perfume for you, especially if you’re a little older than 19 perhaps! However, i can’t fault Whats In My Handbag, as their service and delivery have blown me away again and i can’t recommend them enough! 

Make sure you check out whatsinmyhandbag.com for some amazing samples and to look at the fabulous site!

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Have any of you tried whatsinmyhandbag.com? Did any of you receive this sample?