The Big Skincare Mystery! (bit late, oopss)

A while back now (February-ish) there was a new thing, ‘the big skincare mystery’! Through their facebook page, you could like the page and request a free sample of the facewash/mask to try. Mine only came a week or so ago, and i put it in my sample box and decided tonight to try it out! I am very aware i am very behind on this, i just thought i would let you know my thoughts!

On the 1st of March it was revealed that the brand behind this was in fact Clearasil. When trying this out, i completely forgot this and thought it was very like Nivea products and nothing like i have seen from Clearasil before! Which is in fact the whole basis behind this new range. The sample was their Daily Clear Vitamins and Extracts Wash and Mask, and i received a little 3ml sachet sample of this which was perfect for 2 uses. I ended up using it once as a wash and the other half as a mask, perfect!

On the back of the sample it says ‘as a wash, wet face and squeeze a small amount into hands. Massage gently onto face avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. For best results use twice daily. As a mask use up to 3 times per week. Apply to wet face. leave on for up to 3 minutes and rinse off”. I used the sample i had once each way and i think i preferred it using it as a mask. However i found that whatever way i used it afterwards my face felt a little tight, but nothing too terrible.

The product came out as a creamy pale green consistency, not very much like a normal Clearasil face wash, more like a moisturiser, although the hints of clay-consistency made it much more like a mask than a face wash! I think if i purchased this as a full size i would prefer to use it as a weekly face mask not necessarily as a face wash. 

Overall i was surprised to see this revealed as by Clearasil, but in a good way!

Did any of you try this? Did you guess Clearasil was behind it all?