Products I Regret Buying

Happy Sunday everyone, i hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and if you’re from the UK, you’re enjoying this heat! (personally its a bit TOO hot for me!)

So i love videos about products people regret buying, and blog posts too, so i thought why not !

First up is Rimmel’s Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara, it claims to be a ‘One Stroke Volume Revealing Mascara. A brush this big, volume so fast, this is simply scandalous! Introducing ScandalEyes, our first big brush mascara that quickly reveals even shy, unnoticeable lashes in one simple stroke! So big, so fast! Our MaxDensity™ brush is 50% larger, covering the whole lash line to capture each and every lash. Supersize formula! Triple collagen + keratin formula plumps even the thinnest lashes. Lash Out Loud! 12x more volume and scandalous eye opening impact! No clumps. Lashes so big, volume so fast! Volume so loud your lashes will scream!’  All i can say is that it is a good clumpyfying mascara, but clumpify is all it does. The brush is also the most rindonculous thing EVER. I’m all for false looking lashes and large-ish wands, but that wand nearly poked my eyes out!! The consistency was also too liquidy/runny for me and flaked easily.

Next is the Barry M Kohl Pencil in number 18, a purpley shade and 22 a pale silvery-blue, to get any colour you have to press and drag, HARD, not what i want to be doing to my eyes thank you! If i just drag this across my hand (quite heavily) basically no colour shows up. I love Barry M, but i might just stick to their Lip glosses and Nail polishes!

Swatches after pressing REALLY hard, left is number 18 and right is number  22

Also from Barry M is one of their lipsticks in Number 100 a VERY pale, barbie pink. I don’t know why i picked this up in the first place as this does nothing for my complexion and makes me look like a corpse! The consistency is very drying and appears patchy on the lips, i might be doing something wrong but this just isn’t up my alley and i can’t stand it. I don’t know why i haven’t thrown it out!

 From Barry M again is one of their Dazzle Dusts in 78, there is nothing wrong with the product itself, i just do not know why i ever purchased this, the bright turquouse does nothing for my blue eyes and i am not a fan of loose shadows!! I’ve never even used this, maybe i will do a blog sale at some point! 

These are just my opinions on these products, what doesn’t work for me may work for you!

What is a product that you regret buying?