Post Results Day Mini Haul!

So yesterday was results day and i got into Uni, i got my first choice Brighton, YAY! I hope if you had results they were good! So i thought what the heck i am going to buy that Essie polish (i had put it off for ages due to it being £7.99 in boots) that i have been wanting for AGES! I also picked up a Mememe Beat the Blues Face Illuminator in Sunbeam (another Benefit dupe) for £3.25 (Currently still £2 off!).

So firstly, i got the Essie Polish in shade 26 Status Symbol, i have had my eyes on this and whenever i am near an Essie stand i seem to gravitate towards this shade.

Essie in 26 Status Symbol and my nail with 2 coats (i haven’t done it messily, my  skin around my nails is just vile!)

The shade Staus Symbol is a gorgeous bright, vibrant hot pink, perfect for the summer! I adore this polish, the consistency is perfect and after 2 coats, that dried fast, it was perfect. One sweep of the brush and my nail is covered beautifully! This has definitely made me want to buy every other Essie polish there is (which is A LOT)!!

Mememe Beat the Blue Face Illuminator in Sunbeam (Benefit  Moonbeam dupe!)

Next is the Mememe Beat the Blues Face Illuminator in Sunbeam, I recently purchased the Moonbeam one of these and i loved it. When i saw this i nabbed it! It is gorgeously golden and i think this would look gorgeous with a tan and some bronzer! It isn’t overly shimmery, just when dotted on the cheekbones and patted in it gives an effortless look, and when your cheekbones catch the sun it looks amazing! I also love to pop this under the arch of my brows. This is currently £3.25 in Superdrug and compared to the £18.50 Benefit MoonBeam (or possibly even Sunbeam), this is a steal and you really can’t to wrong!

I do love all the Mememe Benefit dupes! Did any of you get results and are off to uni in September, let me know in the comments! Have any of you tried either of these?