London Zoo

I thought i would upload a fun post today, it’s Monday so why not! Last Monday, on the 13th August it was my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend! We decided to go to London Zoo and i thought i would share some funny snaps with you all to brighten up your Monday! We walked through Regents Park in the morning which was lovely, and then we got to the zoo, had a perfect day and a picnic, then we went to Camden and TGI Fridays for dinner! A perfect day!

Yesterday was also a whole month since i started blogging 🙂

A penguin waving!
Me and funny penguin that was ASLEEP against the glass…
Being the most fail Meerkat ever..
The Boyfriend and I <3
Being mature with strawberry laces!
Look at that tongue!! ahhaa
A giraffe sucking a tree, as you do!

It was a great day and it was so easy to get to etc, I’d recommend going if you’re ever anywhere near it! We also purchased student tickets through Studentbeans, which made them only £15 each! Perfect!

                                                              How was your weekend?