Ebay Make-up: Fake Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

First things first, this post isn’t to say don’t ever buy make-up off ebay, but just be warned! Recentlyish the new Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ mascara came out and i knew i had to have it. However i couldn’t afford the price tag that came with it so i headed over to my good pal ebay and had a look on there. I was delighted to see it retailing for about £7, so i quickly nabbed it up!

Looking back, there is a reason it is at this price! The transaction was swift and easy and the product came within a few days nicely packaged, However when i opened it i could instantly tell it wasn’t real, the labelling on the box looked like a transfer i could have produced and stuck on and the colours were funky. When i pulled the wand out of the tube and saw the messy black gunk on the end of the wand i was horrified! It resembled thick black paint and had a bizarre peachy scent, which after a few days went away and it ended up smelling like paint! The consistency was a sort of gloopy, stringy, bizarre creation, i can’t quite describe but hopefully the photos demonstrate!

Hmmm. After seeing this i decided to put it NO-WHERE near my eyes, and i quickly went onto Ebay to contact the seller. I didn’t get a reply after a few e-mails so i left negative feedback. After which the seller instantly e-mailed me, saying they would refund me if i could remove my feeback, hm sounds dodgy eh? Long story short, i am still conatcing the seller as it has been two weeks since they supposedly issued my refund, however this is nowhere to be seen. i don’t even care about the money now, i knew when first buying it, there may be a slight chance that it wouldn’t be genuine, but that is a risk you take on Ebay, as with most products.

Writing on the box, doesn’t look right to me!

Leaflet that came with it, there wasn’t a list of ingredients included!

Moral of the story? Look at the feedback left from others, and if there are 300 Benefit Mascaras and other very high end products retailing for a tiny fraction of the price, have your wits about you! However, there are some make-up gems on Ebay, just be warned! The fact that such sellers are willing to put someone’s health and well-being at risk just for some money really gets to me and infuriates me, i don’t know what this is made of but it must be bad for your eyes! (No ingredients list was included in the leaflet, of which the paper was of such a poor quality, do they include this in the real mascara?)

Overall i have learnt my lesson and will only buy make-up off Ebay if it is a one-off item from a good seller, or someone has purchased something and have said good reviews to me about it! In fact i don’t think i will ever buy make-up off Ebay, only nail polish!

Everything I’ve said is just from my own personal experience, I’m not saying that there aren’t any trusted make-up sellers on Ebay, because there are! Have any of you bought any dodgy make-up off Ebay?