Drugstore/Boots & Superdrug Lust List

1) Revlon ColorStay Creme Gel Liner; This looks amazing and Revlon is becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands, i need this asap (especially as my sister ruined my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner!) (Rimmel have brought out a similar style one too) 

2) Mua Undressed Palette; i saw a review of this on Fleur De Force’s Blog and for just £4, you can’t go wrong, after pay day i definitely might have to purchase this!

3) Sleek’s Ultra Matte Pallete in V2 Darks Ultra Mattes. I have had this saved in my favourites for so long, and this would be so handy!

4) L’Oeal Lumi Magique Foundation. Ever since this came out i seem to always gravitate towards it whenevr i am near a L’Oreal stand. I really must just get this! I’ve read nothing but rave reviews and it looks gorgeous and has a great colour range. 

5) GOSH Long Lasting Brow Pen . Ever since i saw Estee rave about this (or was it someone who recomended it to her?) i knew i had to have it. Its been on my list for ages and agh i want it SO.BAD. However i can’t tell what colour i would need and all Gosh stands i go to seem to be out of the colours i would go for ): 

6) MeMeMe Beat the Blues Face Illuminator in Sunbeam. I bought the Moonbeam one but now i need this one, and it is still on offer for £3.25!! Anyone else notice how MeMeMe do some Benefit dupes; boxed blushes, cheek and lip tints in similar bottles and these too. I’m not complaining by the way!

7) Maybelline Colour Tattoo in ‘Permanent Taupe’ and ‘ And on Bronze’. These came out not so long ago and had a lot of hype, now that Maybelline in Boots has a 3for2 offer going on, i might have to try some of these out! I have also really gotten into eyeshadow lately and these would be fabulous as i wear a lot of browns/taupes! 

8) MUA Professional Eye Primer for £2.50, even if this is horrible i won’t be terribly upset! I have read great things about this product also and i am looking for a great affordable eye primer (If anyone has any suggestions please let me know) as at the moment i just use a bit of concealer as my eyelid primer/base! Its either this one or the E.L.F one that i will try out, maybe both.

That is my current list of Drugstore (i say that just to make things easier, but i do mean Boots/Superdrug) items that i will definitely be trying to pick up through the next few weeks and will hopefully be reviewing.

Do any of you have any good affordable eye primers that you can recommend? Thanks!