Welcome to Sophie Rose Land

Okay, so this is my new blog, Sophie Rose Hearts (or Sophie Rose<3’s, as i imagined it in my head). Where i shall blog about my love for make up, clothes and other random bits and bobs.

I’ve been blogging for many years, however that is all on my private blog, which i keep private and only my close friends etc are able to read it.

However, after reading many blogs about beauty and such, i finally took the step and decided to make a public blog and to finally venture out into the world of blogging about all things beauty related! I didn’t really know what to do as a first post and so i thought it would be best to introduce myself to whoever ends up reading this (probably just me). One day i might even muster up enough courage to finally start vlogging and doing YouTube videos!

I’m Sophie, i am 19 year old girl who loves beauty but because of being a student cannot often afford the tip-top of the range items that i wish i could justify splurging on (benefit i’m looking at you). Hopefully this blog can offer an insight into many of the fabulous drugstore (Boots & Superdrug) essentials that i have discovered and use everyday, as well on items that i have been lusting after forever but lack the willpower to actually purchase.

I am also hoping to blog about my adventure into Uni, where i shall be heading to in September 🙂