Friday, 27 May 2016

Crownbrush Haul and Review

Crown Brush is a brand I have been wanting to try for SO SO long, and just haven't for some reason or other. However enough was enough, and I finally managed to get my hands on some raved about products, and products that looked right up my street.

Before I had a proper nosey about on the Crown Brush site, I knew it was famed for their incredible blusher, bronzer and more recently, contour palettes, and the main event - brushes. I didn't buy any ground breaking brushes, but decided on C436 Mini Duo Fiber Blender Brush, perfect for applying concealer and highlighter, an SS027 Deluxe Blending Crease Brush, C441 Pro Blending Brush, C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush, C205 Red Sable Oval and a C115 Mascara Spoolie, which I use to brush through my brows with! I was so excited to try the brushes, as Crown Brushes are raved about by everyone, and I was not left disappointed. A girl can never have too many fluffy blending brushes, so they have been a welcome addition to my brush collection, especially when I get lazy with the old brush washing! The mini stippling brush has been incredible for blending in brightening under eye concealer, as well as applying highlighter on my cheekbones, and could also work really well for cream contour too!

Following on from all the perfect brushes, I decided to try out some lip products as I am SO SO into Lip Gloss right now, and decided to try the Lush Lip Glosses in the shades Sophia and Sexxy, as well as a Lip Liner Pencil in Mojave Rock, a perfect pinky nude. First up, I was super impressed with the glosses as they're a lovely consistency - not too thin, but not too thick either. They also feel really comfortable on the lips, and are not sticky sticky, but a sort of soft-sticky consistency, which is how I like my glosses to feel. I feel without a slight tackiness they would just slide off of my lips and onto my face! The shade Sophia is my perfect spring summer gloss shade, as it is a lovely warm peachy pinky shade with subtle flecks of shimmer in the tube, that when applied to lips just makes the gloss appear extra glossy! The shade Sexxy is a bit of a 90's throwback/a gloss that bloggers will go mad for, as it is literally a pure rose gold gloss - a truly stunning shade that on the lips adds extra dimension when layered over a brown toned nude. I'v been loving using the lip liner underneath the Sophia gloss as it makes the gloss last so long, and looks amazing!

Now onto palettes! I decided to try out the Crown Brush Blusher Palette, a super sleek blusher palette that contains 6 blush shades, and 4 more bronzey shades which can also be used for contouring. I love how sleek the palette is, and how sturdy it also feels, making it the perfect travel palette as it contains shades for any occasion. I also really like the mixture of shimmery and matte shades, and for £14.99 it is SUCH a bargain! I also chose 2 of the dinky little Eyeshadow Trios in the shades French Riviera and Catalina. The trios come in a cutesie palette with one of those foamy applicators and features a really adorable bow clasp which I really liked. The shadows are really lovely and soft, and whilst they pigmentation isn't out of this world, for £5.99 they're really great value and are perfect for providing a simple wash of colour, as well as more dramatic smokey eyes without any fall out etc. 

Have you tried anything from Crown Brush?

Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Crown Brush.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Benefit Cheekathon Palette

I always rave on about Benefit and how I adore their products, packaging and branding, and the latest Benefit Cheekathon Palette it just so flawless. This palette is exclusive to House of Fraser for just £44.50, which is such a steal when each boxed blusher works out at £23.50 per blusher and the packaging is oh so worth it. I love the packaging (how many times can I say that), but I really do, and this palette would make the perfect gift for almost anyone. The packaging is sturdy, and comes with the most GINORMOUS mirror ever, so you're totally set for on the go and travel makeup when you have this with you (which you definitely should, at all times). Contain 5 best selling blushes and bronzer that would suit most skin tones, you're in for a treat.

- Dandelion is a sheer, ballerina-pink face powder that takes your complexion from dull to radiant. 
- Hoola is a classic, award winning warm bronzer that is fab for both an all over bronze or a contour, due to its matte finish
- Rockateur is the show stopper of the palette and is a rose gold shade with a shimmery top layer that once dusted off, reveals a gorgeous 
- Dallas is in my opinion, a very underrated shade as it can warm up any complexion with its dark dusky rose tones, meaning it is a bronzer and blusher all in one!
- CORALista is a warm coral-pink shade that is perfect for spring and summer.

The cutesie and super glam packaging also contains a little how to booklet with some tips and ways to use the products, which is a lovely touch. When I visited the Good Ship Benefit a few weeks back (post here), the lovely Lauren demonstrated how she uses this palette and it was so versatile, She used a selection of the blushes, and Hoola as both an eyeshadow, all over bronze, and a more defined contour - making use of the cute little natural bristle brush that comes with the palette as it is the perfect size and shape for creating the perfect contour!

Have you had your eye on this palette, you need it!

Sophie x

*PR Sample.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Feeling Good This Summer

Summer is approaching (finally) and so it's about time we start focusing on feeling good in time for arguably the best season that there is. There are so many ways to go about it, and it's not all about getting that "bikini body" - it's focusing on mind, body and soul.

Feel Good Mentally 
Feeling good in summer is thankfully a little easier, thanks to the sunlight helping in the production of the happy hormones responsible for balancing out our moods. For example, seasonal depression is far less common. However, there's still so much we can do to feel good in our minds. Having a schedule balanced between work and play goes a long way in the process, ensuring we have both the resources and time to do what we want to do. It's a time for seeing friends, blasting our fave music in the sunshine, picnics and road trips. If you can make it to the coast, even better - there's nothing quite like a fresh sea breeze to keep you feeling rejuvenated!

Feeling Good Spiritually
​Spirituality is something that's often ignored, because a lot of the time people don't know what it is or what it entails. It's a common misconception that it's all about being religious (although if that's what it means to you, more power to you)! However, you can be in touch with your spiritual side without believing in a higher power or a deity. Chakras are said to act as energy centres within the human body; and there are seven of them which dictate power in each of the different areas to which they correspond. It's not just about their positioning on the body physically, each is also said to govern a different area of your life. In yoga and meditation, you're often encouraged to get in touch with these.Each Chakra has a unique colour, and they are as follows: Root chakra (red), Sacral chakra (orange), Solar plexus chakra (yellow), Heart chakra (green), Throat chakra (blue), Third eye chakra (Indigo), Crown chakra (violet). Each has its own unique meaning. For example, the root chakra is said to be the primary chakra which connects your spiritual base to your emotional and physical needs. There are ways to get in touch with, heal and connect with each chakra depending on what you need.

Feeling Good Physically 
First off, the whole beach body thing for summer is only an ideal if you want it to be! Every body is a beach body. However, exercising and eating healthily can also help with your mental health and physical wellbeing. Make it fun! Summer is a great time to swim or join a group fitness class. It is also the perfect time to enjoy lighter meals due to the heat. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself! A good chocolate ice cream never hurt anyone, and nor did just laying out in the sun on the beach - feeling good physically doesn't always have to be strictly about health!

Are you working towards feeling good this summer?

Sophie xx

*This post is written by Zoe Miles

Fragrance Direct

I have been using Fragrance Direct to get beauty bargains, for years! From when I was obsessed with Essie and Opi, to getting absolute bargains on my favourite fragrances. However as I have tried to totally cut down on my beauty product purchasing (WHICH IS SO HARD), the site got pushed to the back of my mind, until recently when I was on the hunt for a fresh, spring fragrance. Last spring and summer I really liked See by Chloe, and Italian Fig by The Body Shop for my everyday spring/summer scents, however I like to try new things, ad this year found myself drawn to the gorgeous Daisy Dream Blush EDT by Marc Jacobs. I have never actually owned a Marc Jacobs fragrance myself, but have stolen my friends multiple times, and always had a sniff of them in stores. 

The fragrance is filled with notes of violet leaves, a colourful heart of rose and lily of the valley and a lingering drydown. The scent is definitely not my usual, I normally go for peachy/raspberry.citrus type scents with YSL Black Opium being one of my all time fave scents, but I was after something a little more floral and light for the day time and this sounded perfect. If you're into specific notes, it contains Top Notes: Violet Leaves, Waterlily, Bergamot, Heart Notes: Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Freesia and Base Notes: Vetiver, Clean Musks. I really, really, like this scent, and the adorable pink bottle is just so cutesie and pretty, it looks amazing on display!

It wouldn't be a Fragrance Direct order without some other bargains and after trying to not buy the entire site, I settled on two of the Tanya Burr Lipglosses in Mistletoe Kisses and Enchanted Forest. Both are really lovely, I especially love the red Mistletoe kisses shade as it has a subtle glitter running through which really brightens the gloss and makes your teeth look amazing! 

Have you ever used Fragrance Direct to pick up some beauty bargain?

Sophie xx

*PR Samples. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cleansing With Antipodes

I love Antipodes, they're easily one of my favourite skincare brands (alongside Pixi, Elemis, Ren and La Roche Posay), their products always get it right, and target real skin concerns, and well. In the past I have tried a fair few Antipodes products out and in particular loved the Aura Manuka Honey Mask and the Rejoice Light Facial Cream, so I thought it was time to try some more Antipodes products!

Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser £24.99 / 200ml

Created for oily and acne-prone skin, the Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser is a high-performance cleanser that helps reveal skin’s lightest and brightest complexion. Exfoliating extracts from the New Zealand kiwi superfruit and vibrant hibiscus flower deliver clean, clear and blemish-free skin. Skin healing Manuka honey is also blended with antioxidant-packed Vinanza Grape to help reduce and balance oil production, giving skin a healthy glow. Now when this first arrived it has exploded all over the jiffy bag, but as I opened the jiffy bag to the explosion of cleanser I was greeted with a really lovely fresh scent, and asides from the sticky mess I was excited to try it!

Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser £28.00 / 120ml

the Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Certified organic, this nourishing cleanser is formulated with nutrient-rich avocado oil and Vinanza Oxifend®, a super-antioxidant sourced from sun-drenched pinot noir grape seed kernels. It filters out impurities to leave skin hydrated, replenished and softened. With the addition of marigold flower, Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser also works as an antiseptic agent and reduces inflammation. 

Have you tried anything from Antipodes, what is your favourite skincare item right now?

Sophie xx

*PR Samples.

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