Monday, 9 January 2017

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review

I love trying out luxury brands, especially ones i've not delved into before. Armani beauty products are only something that i've managed to try over the last couple of months, but have easily become my new favourite premium beauty brand. The Luminous Silk Foundation has quickly become my new favourite foundation, and for plenty of gorgeous reasons. 

I've read so so so many rave reviews about the Luminous Silk foundation (RRP £37 for 30ml), so I was really excited to try it out for myself. I'm typically a high street foundation gal, and on a day-to-day basis I wear the Rimmel Match Perfect foundation, but the Luminous Silk has changed that. Luminous Silk aims to capture the glow of perfect looking skin with an oil-free hydrating fluid that contains exclusive Micro-fil technology. It is also a light foundation, with a silky texture that glides onto the skin for an all-day, buildable medium coverage with a natural finish, suitable for all skin types. Now, my skin type is predominantly oily, so I was keen to see how it worked with my skin type. I shade matched myself online, using swatches and a little guessing, and opted for the shade 4 which ended up being the perfect shade, and probably the best foundation match for my skin that i've ever found, what a miracle. 

The foundation comes in a lovely frosted glass bottle, with a large Armani encrusted lid, and a pump applicator. I love how weighty the bottle feels and how luxurious it looks in my collection. But how did I find it? From the first application, it was love. I've always been in the mindset that foundation is foundation, whether it costs £8 or £40 and have never seen the appeal in splurging on a high end product. But oh my, now I do. I never thought a foundation could make my skin look so good. The consistency of the foundation is pretty liquidy and you have to make sure to give the bottle a little shake before use, but because of this consistency the foundation simply glides onto the skin and looks so, so natural. I love how the foundation perfects the look of my skin with a flawless finish, yet doesn't look heavy or overly done. I had my doubts about the foundation and how it wore throughout the day. But again, it blew my expectations away, and it wore so, so well. Half way through the day I looked in the mirror expecting to see my usually super shiny forehead and chin, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could actually probably get away without re-powdering, wow. Fast forward to 6pm and only a little shine was creeping through, but still,my skin looked luminous but not shiny, and there was no obvious signs of wear or patches, and my skin looked as good as it did in the morning.

I've been completely blown away by this foundation and I would 100% repurchase this in the future!

Have you tried Armani Luminous Silk, how do you find it? What is your favourite high end foundation?

Sophie xx

*PR Sample


Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Rice Dream Afternoon Tea

Since forever i've actually never liked the taste of real cows milk, and the idea of drinking a glass of milk makes me gag. If I have cereal, I have it dry (which I prefer) and I use water for my porridge. However over the past few years alternative milks have become more common and there are more options to cows milk than ever.You can get oat milk, coconut milk, nut milk, soy milk, and rice milk, amongst many other types. Due to my nut and coconut allergies, over the past couple of years, Rice Dream has become my go to dairy-free alternative. I prefer the taste over regular milk as I find it is quite sweet, but not overly sweet.

Rice Dream is the original rice drink and is allergy free as it is free from dairy, lactose, soy, gluten,wheat and nut, as well as containing no added sugars and only contains naturally ocurring sugard from the rice fermentation. Rice Dream will also be launching an on-shelf 'try me for free' campaign, inviting shoppers to discover the great taste of rice milk. This promotion will only be available on 120,000 packs, and allows shoppers to get their money back if they don't enjoy the taste of Rice Dream. Although I assure you, you will really like it!

I only ever work with brands that I actually use and adore myself, and Rice Dream are a lovely bunch and sent me my very own Rice Dream hamper including a few cartons of Rice Dream, a cute cooler bag, some artisan loose leaf tea, an adorable loose tea strainer and some vintage tea cups to have my very own rice dream tea party. Now I don't actually like regular tea, but I love mint tea, green tea and herbal tea, and I adore a good hot chocolate and Rice Dream works SO well in a hot chocolate!

Have you tried Rice Dream? What are your fave dairy-free alternatives?

Sophie xx

*In collaboration with Rice Dream

Thursday, 5 January 2017

December Favourites

December was a pretty up and down, busy month for me. I managed to secure a job in the first week of December and then started the week before Christmas. I also had a lovely Christmas with all of my family and friends and ate a lot of beige food, and drank a lot of boozy deliciousness. However aside from my main December fave being Christmas, I also had a few other favourites during the month of December. 
I recently bought a new handbag because apparently new job=whole new wardrobe, and as it is a littler larger than my older one, it apparently means more room for stuff. Yay. The latest item to find its way into the black hole that is my handbag, is the Lulu Guiness Tangle Teezer. I love how it is travel friendly, nice and compact, and of course, the design is so cute. Stationery also became a December favourite as I found myself getting myself all organised and ready for 2017. My friends and I went for a festive breakfast on Christmas Eve where we also did our annual secret santa. My secret santa knew how much of a pineapple lover I am, and got me an assortment of super cute pineapple themed notebooks, and they have quickly become a fave.

In December, I also got sent an exciting bundle of bits from Sensodyne for a campaign i;m working with them on, and included was a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 which I became obsessed with straight away. It got used A LOT over Christmas and it was really nice to be able to take instant photos to give to my grandma and relatives etc. 

I also won a few awesome competitions in December, including an incredible Armani Beauty bundle, which included a mascara which has become my new FAVE mascara ever - the Eccentrico mascara. I also won an adorable and super dainty Astrid and Miyu Initial Bangle which I have loved wearing as it is beautifully made and so subtle, but adds a lovely bit of sparkle! I'm also not really a bracelet wearer and only ever wear a watch, but as this bangle is so light I barely notice it's there, which is always a bonus if you're funny about bracelets like I am. 

What favourites did you have in December?

Sophie xx 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Byron Burger, Windsor

I love a burger, and Byron Burger have most definitely not slipped my radar after first trying them a few years ago before the BAFTAS. Yeah, IKR. Do you guys remember that time I won 2 tickets to the BAFTAS on Twitter through a Mark Hill comp? It was an amazing experience, and before soaking up some of the red carpet atmosphere, myseld and my pal Robyn popped into a nearby Byron Burger, where we sat on the street and enjoyed burgers and wine ahead of our star studded evening. And I loved it! Since then I haven't actually had the chance to head back to one, until they opened up shop in Windsor, just a stones throw away from Windsor Castle. Like you could actually probably throw a stone from the restaurant and it would legit hit the castle. Situated on Thames Street, Windsor, amongst many other pubs and restaurants, the burger spot is in a great location. 
The decor of the restaurant is very rustic diner, but not shabby, and is a great spot for a quick bite to eat at lunch, or a nice dinner as well. We were seated quickly and our waiter was really friendly and enthusiastic. The menu had a lot to offer and there were a few options that tickled my fancy, but in the end I opted for the Avocado, Quinoa and Kale Salad (£9.25), but with no avocado (ikr, am I even a blogger?!), and with extra bacon. Sometimes portions of salads can be pretty measley and also not filling. But oh my, this lovely shredded courgette, cucumber, soy bean, slow cooked tomato, basil and BACON concoction definitely hit the right spot. It was fresh, flavourful and so filling. My mum on the other hand went for the Byron Burger (£9.50) which is a 6oz burger with dry cure bacon, mature cheddar, shredded iceberg, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce. Oh and a giant gherkin on top. YUM. My mum really enjoyed her burger and I got to inhale the gherkin. Winner. Between us we also shared a portion of the Courgette Fries (£3.50) which were light, juicy and not a soggy batter in sight. We devoured these. Drinks wise I went for a Coke Zero, which I much prefer to Diet Coke, so this made me happy. And my mum went for a Strawberry Milkshake (£4.75). Now normally strawberry is my LEAST fave milkshake flavour, purely because they can be a little bland sometimes, but this one tasted like actual strawberry and was really, really tasty. Also their freakshakes look MENTAL, but I'll save one of those for another visit.

We had a lovely time checking out the new Windsor Byron Burger, and if you're ever in the area and fancy a bite to eat, definitely check it out!

Sophie xx

*I was invited along to review Byron Burger but all views are my own.

Monday, 2 January 2017

A Round Up Of 2016 For Sophie Rose

I thought to celebrate the New Year I would share a round up of some of the things I got up to with my blog in 2016! I started the year with a classic blog goals and resolutions for 2016 post, doing some standard beauty and Valentines post throughout January in Feb. In March started opening up on my blog and sharing posts about relevant topics that I had thoughts on. Such as my post on why the idea of blogging full time doesn't personally appeal to me (post here). I also got invited to the Panasonic HQ in Bracknell for the first of 2 events in 2016, where I learnt more about their beauty tools and the brand, as well as meeting some more lovely local bloggers. In April I got involved with Allergy UK on Allergy Awareness week, which is something that is personal to me, as someone with multiple food allergies. I also got invited along to the new Marco Pierre White in Windsor on a few occasions, once as an intro to the place and then again to meet the man himself and to get my book signed. I also checked out the bottomless brunch at Dog Haus in Brighton, which was delicious, as well as checking out the Good Ship Benefit in London to celebrate a palette launch. May saw me attend the launch of Number Four Privet Drive at the Warner Bros Studios in London, which was an incredible event, and the first of 3 visits to the studios in 2016. In May it was also #BtonBlogMeet month and it was so lovely to meet and catch up with so many bloggers. I also went on a girls mini break to Margate which turned out to be quite the hidden gem.
June saw what I described my 'mid year crisis', I finished a contract, ended a relationship and decided to what the heck, book myself onto a Trek America trip. Which then became THE best decision of the year.  In June I also went for lunch with Amy Childs where we got to chat about all things beauty, lie and fashion, before checking out her pop up boutique in Reading. I kicked off July by starting my Trek America posts, sharing what luggage I was taking, details of my trip, and other things. It was also the month that saw me become okay with doing things by myself, and even prompted me to write a blog post about the topic. August rolled around and I went to a summer food fest at The Oracle in Reading with some lovely local bloggers, and shared my reaction to Grace Victory's documentary about clean eating. I also shared a blog post about our family holiday to Porec, Croatia and got the ball rolling for all of my travel related posts. The summer for me always seems to be quite family orientated, so I took my dad along to Bracknell Festival at South Hill Park. September was obviously a little quiet on the blog as I was travelling across America, but upon my return in October I shared 5 reasons why travelling solo is amazing, as well as starting my Trek Tuesday mini series, which I really enjoyed. At the end of October I went to the TAM Beauty Halloween party and turned it into a mini break with a hotel stay with Kirsty and Laura. In November I went to London for a Seventeen Blogger Network event, and then went to an amazing talk on Aspiration vs Authentication at the Lights of Soho, which was put on by Kindred, as well as going chocolate brown at SeanHanna, Putney. And then we rolled into December. I had lunch at Sushi Samba with Jess Wright and some incredible ladies, I went to the Hogwarts In The Snow press event, managed to get a job and shared a post about my Americana highlights and of course a 2016 finale post of the great things that happened for me in 2016.

I'm super excited to see what 2017 brings, Happy New Year everyone!

Sophie xx

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